Making A Difference in The Business of Foods, Pharmaceuticals and Nutrition

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Nutritious Product Design

Let us give you the idea for your next Product

At the Institute of Nutrition and Health, we are motivated towards the innovation in Nutrition Science, which may lead to Healthier Food and Pharmaceutical Products.

We give our best to meet the need of the Industry for novel ideas making clients choices more Healthy.

We may provide you with a certain concept note based on recent scientific data and drive your R&D efforts.

Partner with us.

Product Support with Clinical Data

Design and conduction of dietary interventions testing innovative food products and nutraceuticals

At  Institute of Nutrition and Health, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing the need of the Industry for real data that can support their products.

As long Science of Food and Nutrition is based on evidence NO product can claim its function without the existence of confirmatory research data from clinical trials.

Our team in collaboration with a prestigious network of academics may assist you in:

setting your goals,

designing the research protocol,

conducting the study

analyzing and interpreting the results.

We are always striving to make a difference, and invite you to learn more and lend your support.

Market Analysis
Checking Text on a Document

Development of Scientific Product Documentation

Let us describe Scientifically your product 

With this initiative, our goal is to promote the great potential of your product.

With access to real data and the cutting edge literature data our team can provide you with documentation for your innovative food or pharmaceutical product.

You may gain confidence that your goods meet the high standards of your clients.

Product Communication

We communicate your product

among peers and clients

We put all our creativity to manage the communication of your products.

Let us provide you with scientific content (text, images, videos) that you may elaborate in your communications with peers and clients.

We are thrilled to organize events and seminars for the promotion of your new Nutritious Product.

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Long-term Research funds Acquisition

Let us find the way to get the funds you need

Our long experience in fund hunting may be found helpful for your company.

We may partner or consult you in networking and submitting applications for research funds in Greece (ESPA) and EU.

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