Ladikos Dimitrios, PhD

President of Hellenic Research and Innovation Center

Director of YIOTIS S.A. Plant, Head of R&D, Quality Assurance and Member of the Board.

Dr. Dimitrios Ladikos received his PhD in food biochemistry from Procter Department of Food Science, Leeds University on 1986. He joined YIOTIS S.A. on 1989 after 3 years of post-doc research in UK, time when he published his review on the oxidation of meat products that has been cited by more than 250 scientific papers. He has a 30 years curriculum in the food industry serving at various departments (i.e. production, quality assurance, research and development etc.). As a member of the Board of Directors, he is actively participating in the company’s formulating decisions on innovation strategy and he is overviewing research in the development of novel food products, patents application, participation in EU or National Funded Research programs and innovation partnerships. 

Dr. Ladikos joined Hellenic Research and Innovation Center 

with the vision and drive to improve Research in Greece, and focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity.

+30 217 777 0124

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