Innovation Brooking

NHI within Greek Food Industry acts as an innovation broker and promote synergies of Academia with food and nutraceuticals Producers.

  • Networking – discussions facilitator

  • Applied research proposals

  • Funds acquisition

  • Innovative product development

  • Start-ups, spin-offs 

Diet Plan

Public Health Promotion

NHI will take serious actions for the promotion of healthy diets and lifestyles within society.

NHI within Greek community will facilitate the generation of policy on public health nutrition topics

Round Library


NHI act as a hosting Institution for young professionals interested in the conduction of MSc and PhD Thesis with in applied research outputs.

NHI coordinate continuing education programs (i.e. conferences, seminars, workshops etc.)

Two Men Shaking Hands

R&D Services

NHI offers consulting services to the local and international Food and Nutraceuticals Industry

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